4 Steps-3 Benefits

1. Briefly introduce ourselves

2. See if we are a fit

3. You identify your main reasons for contacting me

4. I give an overview of my process

5. You decide the next step you would like to make

Step 2- Intake Survey

Step 1- Discovery Call

1. The survey allows me a good overview of you and your business

2. I am able to map out your main concerns and strong points

3. I am able to move to step 3 with a focused plan of what to observe and discuss the most on-site

Step 3- Initial Assessment On-site

Initial assessment


1. We become familiar with each other face to face-which allows me to understand how to best coach/consult you moving forward. This is an on-site tour and interview. We will spend two days with me observing your business and current techniques. 

2. I am able to see your community, meet your staff and understand the dynamics surrounding your funeral home

3. Following this visit you will receive a plan with action items. This includes areas of focus, immediate suggestions, and a timeline for this plan. Also included it will show where profit can increase from these action items. We will also set 3 and 6 month goals for your business implementing this plan.

Step 4- Monthly Sessions

Monthly Coaching/Consulting

$1000/month- A 3 Month commitment is required

1. Focus on moving forward with the plan from the initial consult

2. Scheduled Formal coaching sessions:

           Coffee with Kari: Weekly 1 hour focused sessions 

3. Scheduled check-in coaching sessions

           Phone check-ins as available by short notice appointment

4. Unscheduled advisories

            Priority e-mail/text support

            On call for consult on handling an at need call

                   Provide ideas for personalization

                  Walk through receiving payment by day of service

            Social media assistance

            Phone Check-ins as available

Coffee with Kari

This is our scheduled weekly one hour coaching session. One day prior to our appointment, you will submit new questions, concerns, topics to me via         e-mail. During our session, we will reflect on the action items from the previous session, respond to your new topics, and assess the plan to keep you moving forward.


Let's be real, you want to know how I can benefit your business. 
Simply stated:

1. Increase customer experience

2. Increase positive social review

3. Increase profit

If you are ready to begin working together or if you have questions for me, please click below, and I will be in touch with you.


Additional Opportunities to Work with Kari

Each funeral home has it's own unique strengths and challenges. I do have other opportunities to coach you and/or your staff.

>Multiple staff packages

>One day intensive coaching

>Three day individual director coaching

If you would like to know more about these opportunities please connect with me.